The World’s Most Powerful battery Charging Case for iPhone 5, SE, 6, 6+, 6S and 6+, 7 and 7+. More powerful, More stronger and More Functionally than any other battery phone case. In four times more capacious battery the other cases have, phone protection design, useful kickstand, additional USB port, battery charge indicator with the best price value.



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XON PowerCase increases charge of your phone up to 400% with built-in 8200mAh battery, which is three times more than similar cases offer.


You can activate the charge of the cover by simply pressing the button. Easy and fast. You can see the level of charge on the case immediately.


It is made of strong, shockproof material that provides reliable protection of the phone from any damage.


It is also an additional usb output for charging another devices from the case, such as phone, tablet, action camera etc.


You can use built-in stand for installation the case in a vertical position for watching movies.



Style is important in every device. So we have prepared five assorted colors for your choice. Choose your best.


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